Exatas UFPR


The Institute of Exact Sciences is responsible for teaching, researching and promoting extension activities regarding the fields of Statistics, Graphic Expression, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Chemistry at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), Brazil.

In order to do so, it relies on eleven undergraduate courses, eight graduate courses, 48 research groups and 13 extension projects.

At the moment, about 2.600 students are enrolled in the Institute – 2.000 undergraduate and 600 graduate. Furthermore, the Institute provides the university’s other schools and institutes with basic science classes, reaching nearly 40.000 students per year.

Therefore, it has a staff that excels on its job. Among the 249 teachers of its faculty, 230 work full-time. It is the institute with the biggest number of full-time professors at UFPR.

The Institute occupies an area of 28.000 square meters, with classrooms, laboratories, library, amphitheater and other equipment spread across ten buildings at Centro Politécnico campus. The campus also offers a shared infrastructure with university restaurant, canteen, copy store, bank and post office.

Undergraduate courses

  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Physics (both licentiate and bachelor degree)
  • Mathematics (both licentiate and bachelor degree)
  • Industrial Mathematics
  • Chemistry (both licentiate and bachelor degree)

Graduate courses (Masters and Doctorate)

  • Applied Mathematics (M/D)
  • Chemistry (M/D)
  • Computer Science (M/D)
  • Physics (M/D)
  • Science and Mathematics Education (M)
  • Engineering and Materials Science (Pipe) (M/D)
  • Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • Mathematics in National Network