Exatas UFPR

Graduate Courses

The Institute of Exact Sciences offers eight graduate courses on different subjects. Some of them offer only master program and others both master and doctorate.

On the list below, you can consult the line of research, periodicity of selection process and titling credits for each program:

Mathematics in National Network (ProfMat)

Research lines: coming soon.

Selection process: annually.

Master titling credits: 95.

Numerical Methods in Engineering

Research lines: computational mechanics of solids; computational dynamic of fluids; aerodynamics and rocket propulsion; approach to operational research problems; approach to optimization problems and numerical analysis; statistics methods applied to engineering.

Selection process: annually for master, quarterly for doctorate.

Master titling credits: 26.

Doctorate titling credits: 52.

Engineering and Materials Science (Pipe)

Research lines: thermal and chemical processes engineering; engineering and materials science.

Selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 18.

Doctorate titling credits: 36.

Science and Mathematics Education

Research lines: formation of science and mathematics teachers; scientific and mathematical alphabetization; teaching and learning science, mathematics, history, sociology and philosophy; science and mathematics education; non-formal education; arts and culture in science and mathematics education.

Selection process: annually.

Master titling credits: 36.


Research lines: collision processes and atoms and molecules interactions; atoms and molecules electronic structure theory; liquids and solids structure; crystallography; magnetic materials and properties; mechanic properties and condensed matter acoustics; condensed matter thermal properties; optic properties and condensed matter spectroscopy; surfaces, interfaces, thin films and low scalability structures; electronic transport and properties; fluid transport phenomenon; plasma physics; gases kinetic theory; statistical physics, thermodynamics and non-linear dynamic systems; quantum mechanics; general relativity and gravitation.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 63.

Doctorate titling credits: 123.

Computer Science

Research lines: computational intelligence, networks and distributed systems, information technology.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 20.

Doctorate titling credits: 39.


Research lines: catalysis and kinetics; electric-chemistry; macro-molecules physical-chemistry; development of methods, analytic sensors and chemo-metrics; environmental chemistry; remediation of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes; bio-inorganic chemistry; coordination chemistry; material’s chemistry; bio-catalysis and phytobiomass chemistry; development and application of nuclear magnetic resonance analysis methodologies; polymers chemistry; chemistry of natural products and chemical ecology; synthesis of organic compounds.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually for master and continuous for doctorate.

Master titling credits: 52.

Doctorate titling credits: 104.

Applied Mathematics

Research lines: numerical analysis, optimization, partial differential equations, algebra and topology, geometry.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 48.

Doctorate titling credits: 68.