Exatas UFPR

Graduate courses

Numerical Methods in Engineering

Research lines: computational mechanics of solids; computational dynamic of fluids; aerodynamics and rocket propulsion; approach to operational research problems; approach to optimization problems and numerical analysis; statistics methods applied to engineering.

Selection process: annually for master, quarterly for doctorate.

Master titling credits: 26.

Doctorate titling credits: 52.

Engineering and Materials Science (Pipe)

Research lines: thermal and chemical processes engineering; engineering and materials science.

Selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 18.

Doctorate titling credits: 36.

Science and Mathematics Education

Research lines: formation of science and mathematics teachers; scientific and mathematical alphabetization; teaching and learning science, mathematics, history, sociology and philosophy; science and mathematics education; non-formal education; arts and culture in science and mathematics education.

Selection process: annually.

Master titling credits: 36.


Research lines: collision processes and atoms and molecules interactions; atoms and molecules electronic structure theory; liquids and solids structure; crystallography; magnetic materials and properties; mechanic properties and condensed matter acoustics; condensed matter thermal properties; optic properties and condensed matter spectroscopy; surfaces, interfaces, thin films and low scalability structures; electronic transport and properties; fluid transport phenomenon; plasma physics; gases kinetic theory; statistical physics, thermodynamics and non-linear dynamic systems; quantum mechanics; general relativity and gravitation.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 63.

Doctorate titling credits: 123.

Computer Science

Research lines: computational intelligence, networks and distributed systems, information technology.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 20.

Doctorate titling credits: 39.


Research lines: catalysis and kinetics; electric-chemistry; macro-molecules physical-chemistry; development of methods, analytic sensors and chemo-metrics; environmental chemistry; remediation of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes; bio-inorganic chemistry; coordination chemistry; material’s chemistry; bio-catalysis and phytobiomass chemistry; development and application of nuclear magnetic resonance analysis methodologies; polymers chemistry; chemistry of natural products and chemical ecology; synthesis of organic compounds.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually for master and continuous for doctorate.

Master titling credits: 52.

Doctorate titling credits: 104.

Applied Mathematics

Research lines: numerical analysis, optimization, partial differential equations, algebra and topology, geometry.

Periodicity of selection process: semiannually.

Master titling credits: 48.

Doctorate titling credits: 68.